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Model MI-8P Portable Pier
Original cost $899 (not available any more)

The MI-8P transportable pier offers many times the stability of a conventional tripod. These piers have been designed for use with the MI-250 or can be adapted to meet your needs.

Over the years we have been asked about the pro's and con's of these piers. Here's the scoop:

Con's: The legs each have three nuts and bolt to secure them to the column. It takes about 4-5 minutes to set up the pier and legs.

Pro's: These piers are incredibly stable. There is not much comparison to others in terms of stability at twice to three times the cost. In over 18 years of offering these piers, we have never had a stability complaint. After all, isn't stability the bottom line?



  • 8" diameter column 
  • Column walls 0.125" thick (1/8") 
  • Internally baffled for fast dampening 
  • Sub second dampening 
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum legs 
  • Stainless steel levelers...will not rust 
  • Beautiful powder coated finish 
  • 1.5" adjustment travel in the leg levelers


  • 36" or 42"
  • Column weight -37 pounds or 43 pounds
  • Leg weight - 9 pounds each 
  • Stainless steel fasteners 
  • Pre machine for the MI-250650 plus shipping 

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