MI-250 GO-TO
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MI- SD Saddle
We are pleased to announce the development of the new deluxe saddle assembly. As our machining capabilities grow, so does our product line. The new SD Saddle is now standard equipment on the MI-250 Go-To german equatorial mounts.
We we are offering this saddle for MI-250 Go-To owners that wish to upgrade their existing mount. Installation time is less than 5 minutes. The saddle will accept any of the Losmandy type male dovetail bars.
MI-SD Saddle Features:
* 14" Long x 5" wide
* 5 lbs- about the same as the original deluxe saddle
* UHMW runners for smooth gliding of male dovetail
* Stainless steel hardware
* Spring loaded
* Knurled aluminum knobs
* CNC machined
* Lightened wherever possible
* Accepts the Losmandy declination counter weight assembly (3 lb. weight)
* Black anodized
* Scribed for balance marks- Scribe the male dovetail for quick and
repeatable trouble free balance
On older MI-250 Go-To mounts. It will be necessary to measure the clearance from the bottom of the saddle to the top of the cover plate. We need necessary clearance for the SD Saddle knobs. If your mount does not have the clearance, a ¼" adapter plate will be necessary. Measure your existing saddle clearance to be sure.
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